Friday, 28 January 2011


The danger with taking ego too seriously in metaphysics is that it can become detached from the Soul to a degree whereby it ceases to serve (or reflect) Truth and becomes merely knowledgeable, sinking to the level of physics and the 'forbidden tree of knowledge', wherein soul is subordinated (as pleasure) to the Ego, which is less philosophical than philological and therefore more disposed to the pleasures of theology than to the joys of theosophy, the joys that come from being at one with the Soul.

The philosopher of Truth will not be 'king' for long if he abandons metaphysics for physics and descends into the mundane realm of mere knowledge, where not Heaven but Man is if not exactly 'king' then at any rate 'governor. If the 'Philosopher King' is to remain godly or, at least, pro-godly, it will be because he defers to the primacy of the Soul, and hence Heaven, in the construction - always loosely formal - of his philosophy, that truthful (faithful) mirror, so to speak, of the Soul's inner Being (joy).