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To contrast the science and pseudo-religion of the northwest point of the intercardinal axial compass … with the religion and pseudo-science of the northeast point of the said compass, as one would contrast metachemistry and pseudo-metaphysics with metaphysics and pseudo-metachemistry.

To contrast the politics and pseudo-economics of the southwest point of the intercardinal axial compass … with the economics and pseudo-politics of the southeast point of the said compass, as one would contrast chemistry and pseudo-physics with physics and pseudo-chemistry.

To contrast the evil and crime of metachemistry and the pseudo-folly and pseudo-sin of pseudo-metaphysics … with the grace and wisdom of metaphysics and the pseudo-punishment and pseudo-goodness of pseudo-metachemistry, as one would contrast barbarity and pseudo-philistinism with culture and pseudo-civility.

To contrast the pseudo-evil and pseudo-crime of chemistry and the folly and sin of pseudo-physics … with the pseudo-grace and pseudo-wisdom of physics and the punishment and goodness of pseudo-chemistry, as one would contrast pseudo-barbarity and philistinism with pseudo-culture and civility.

To contrast the superfemininity and submasculinity of metachemistry and the pseudo-subfemininity and pseudo-supermasculinity of pseudo-metaphysics … with the supermasculinity and subfemininity of metaphysics and the pseudo-submasculinity and pseudo-superfemininity of pseudo-metachemistry, as one would contrast materialism/fundamentalism and pseudo-idealism/pseudo-transcendentalism with transcendentalism/idealism and pseudo-fundamentalism/pseudo-materialism.

To contrast the femininity and unmasculinity of chemistry and the pseudo-masculinity and pseudo-unfemininity of pseudo-physics … with the masculinity and unfemininity of physics and the pseudo-femininity and pseudo-unmasculinity of pseudo-chemistry, as one would contrast naturalism/pantheism and pseudo-realism/pseudo-humanism with humanism/realism and pseudo-pantheism/pseudo-naturalism.

To contrast the superheathenism and subchristianity of metachemistry and the pseudo-subheathenism and pseudo-superchristianity of pseudo-metaphysics … with the superchristianity and subheathenism of metaphysics and the pseudo-subchristianity and pseudo-superheathenism of pseudo-metachemistry, as one would contrast vanity and pseudo-meekness with righteousness and pseudo-justice.

To contrast the heathenism and unchristianity of chemistry and the pseudo-christianity and pseudo-unheathenism of pseudo-physics … with the Christianity and unheathenism of physics and the pseudo-heathenism and pseudo-unchristianity of pseudo-chemistry, as one would contrast pseudo-vanity and meekness with pseudo-righteousness and justice.

To contrast the supersensuousness and subconsciousness of metachemistry and the pseudo-subsensuousness and pseudo-superconsciousness of pseudo-metaphysics … with the superconsciousness and subsensuousness of metaphysics and the pseudo-subconsciousness and pseudo-supersensuousness of pseudo-metachemistry, as one would contrast free will and bound soul with free soul and bound will.

To contrast the sensuousness and unconsciousness of chemistry and the pseudo-consciousness and pseudo-unsensuousness of pseudo-physics … with the consciousness and unsensuousness of physics and the pseudo-sensuousness and pseudo-unconsciousness of pseudo-chemistry, as one would contrast free spirit and bound ego with free ego and bound spirit.

To contrast the supernaturalism and subnurturalism of metachemistry and the pseudo-subnaturalism and pseudo-supernurturalism of pseudo-metaphysics … with the supernurturalism and subnaturalism of metaphysics and the pseudo-subnurturalism and pseudo-supernaturalism of pseudo-metachemistry, as one would contrast protons and pseudo-photons with photons and pseudo-protons.

To contrast the naturalism and unnurturalism of chemistry and the pseudo-naturalism and pseudo-unnurturalism of pseudo-physics … with the nurturalism and unnaturalism of physics and the pseudo-naturalism and pseudo-unnurturalism of pseudo-chemistry, as one would contrast electrons and pseudo-neutrons with neutrons and pseudo-electrons.

To contrast the virtuously (free) and viciously (bound) clear morality of metachemistry and the pseudo-virtuously (pseudo-free) and pseudo-viciously (pseudo-bound) pseudo-unholy pseudo-unmorality of pseudo-metaphysics … with the virtuously (free) and viciously (bound) holy morality of metaphysics and the pseudo-virtuously (pseudo-free) and pseudo-viciously (pseudo-bound) pseudo-unclear pseudo-unmorality of pseudo-metachemistry, as one would contrast space and pseudo-time with time and pseudo-space.

To contrast the pseudo-virtuously (pseudo-free) and pseudo-viciously (pseudo-bound) pseudo-clear pseudo-morality of chemistry and the virtuously (free) and viciously (bound) unholy unmorality of pseudo-physics … with the pseudo-virtuously (pseudo-free) and pseudo-viciously (pseudo-bound) pseudo-holy pseudo-morality of physics and the virtuously (free) and viciously (bound) unclear unmorality of pseudo-chemistry, as one would contrast volume and pseudo-mass with mass and pseudo-volume.

Although both metachemistry and pseudo-metaphysics on the one hand and metaphysics and pseudo-metachemistry on the other reflect parallel distinctions between the genuine and pseudo elements, as regards an unequivocally hegemonic and an unequivocally subordinate gender position, the same cannot be said of chemistry and pseudo-physics on the one hand and of physics and pseudo-chemistry on the other, since in each case the hegemonic position is merely equivocal and the subordinate position likewise, if subject to primary (as against secondary) polar interplay with its corresponding gender element in the unequivocally hegemonic position to which it is axially polar, which element, whether metachemical or metaphysical, indirectly causes a subversive switch of emphasis on the subordinate position from soma to psyche or from psyche to soma, as the gender case may be, in consequence of which the equivocally hegemonic element, be it chemical or physical, is forced into a secondary (as against primary) polar relationship with its corresponding gender polarity in the unequivocally subordinate position contrary to it, making for either secondary (as against primary) church-hegemonic/state-subordinate or state-hegemonic/church-subordinate axial relativity vis-à-vis its primary counterpart on the opposite side of the gender fence, be that male or female.

Hence the secondary standing of chemistry and pseudo-metachemistry to pseudo-physics and metaphysics on the church-hegemonic/state-subordinate axis stretching from southwest to northeast points of the intercardinal axial compass, and hence, too, the secondary standing of physics and pseudo-metaphysics to pseudo-chemistry and metachemistry on the state-hegemonic/church-subordinate axis which stretches, by contrast, from the southeast to the northwest points of the said compass.

But even without overall axial relativity, or interaction between the noumenal and phenomenal like-gender positions, chemistry would be pseudo-clear vis-à-vis the clearness of metachemistry, while pseudo-physics would be unholy vis-à-vis the pseudo-unholiness of pseudo-metaphysics, if only because two genuine or, for that matter, pseudo positions cannot co-exist as noumenal or phenomenal, ethereal or corporeal, absolute or relative pairings.

And the same, of course, applies to the pseudo-holiness of physics vis-à-vis the holiness of metaphysics on the one hand, and the unclearness of pseudo-chemistry vis-à-vis the pseudo-unclearness of pseudo-metachemistry on the other hand.

The clearness of metachemistry is vain, whereas the pseudo-holiness of pseudo-metaphysics is pseudo-meek. Hence the viable co-existence of vanity with pseudo-meekness, like space with pseudo-time, devilishness/hellishness with pseudo-godliness/pseudo-heavenliness, elemental particles with elemental pseudo-wavicles.

Conversely, the holiness of metaphysics is righteousness, whereas the pseudo-unclearness of pseudo-metachemistry is pseudo-just. Hence the viable co-existence of righteousness with pseudo-justice, like time with pseudo-space, godliness/heavenliness with pseudo-devilishness/pseudo-hellishness, elemental wavicles with elemental pseudo-particles.

Likewise, the pseudo-clearness of chemistry is pseudo-vain, whereas the unholiness of pseudo-physics is meek. Hence the viable co-existence of pseudo-vanity with meekness, like volume with pseudo-mass, womanliness/purgatory with pseudo-manliness/pseudo-earthiness, molecular particles with molecular pseudo-wavicles.

Conversely, the pseudo-holiness of physics is pseudo-righteousness, whereas the unclearness of pseudo-chemistry is just. Hence the viable co-existence of pseudo-righteousness with justice, like mass with pseudo-volume, manliness/earthiness with pseudo-womanliness/pseudo-purgatory, molecular wavicles with molecular pseudo-particles.

Thus the primary state-hegemonic/church-subordinate axial polarity of metachemical vanity and pseudo-chemical justice, with the axial polarity of pseudo-metaphysical pseudo-meekness and physical pseudo-righteousness secondarily state-hegemonic/church-subordinate.

One can be damned from vanity to justice and counter-saved from pseudo-meekness to pseudo-righteousness.

Likewise, the primary church-hegemonic/state-subordinate axial polarity of metaphysical righteousness and pseudo-physical meekness, with the axial polarity of pseudo-metachemical pseudo-justice and chemical pseudo-vanity secondarily church-hegemonic/state-subordinate.

One can be saved from meekness to righteousness and counter-damned from pseudo-vanity to pseudo-justice. For, in ‘Kingdom Come’, the chemical ‘first’ (equivocally hegemonic at the southwest point of the intercardinal axial compass) will be pseudo-metachemically ‘last’ (unequivocally subordinate at the northeast point of the said compass), whereas the pseudo-physical ‘last’ (equivocally subordinate at the southwest point of the intercardinal axial compass) will be metaphysically ‘first’ (unequivocally hegemonic at the northeast point of the said compass), as though in the final triumph (global) of St George over a prone (neutralized by counter-damnation) dragon, a pseudo-dragon of absolute pseudo-metachemical subordination to the metaphysical triumph of our proverbial saint.

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