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There is no other male freedom than freedom from woman and bodily domination. The idea of freedom through woman is a delusion, because sex is a woman's freedom, not a man's, given the inherent foreignness, with males, of a predominating somatic ratio in both noumenal and phenomenal contexts.

Men are only free when psychically free, whether through ego or, preferably, through soul, which makes for superconscious freedom and thus for that which is a product, as superconsciouly free mind (soul) actually is, of the central nervous system. Mind which is not true to itself but knowledgeable and effectively false, having been corrupted by education, is less a product of the central nervous system metaphysically than of the brain physically, and is thus identifiable with ego. Ego-mind is what you think, not what you feel (and I don't mean touch or sense or even see and hear). For what you see and hear, not to mention smell and taste, through the senses can be channelled in either direction - either down, with intellectual corruption of the Self, towards the thoughts of the Ego or up, given sufficient avoidance of such corruption, towards the feelings of the Soul.

But ego-mind is generally more dependent on externals than soul-mind, as we may call that which, when more or less left to its own devices, is superconscious rather than merely conscious. One might say that the Ego is more heavily indebted to sense than the Soul, given its association with the brain rather than with the core of the Self (not to be confused with the heart), which I have for many years tended to identify with the brain stem and, especially, spinal cord of the central nervous system, that repository of all higher sensibility which, if truly left to itself, would cannibalistically self-consume rather than respond to external sense stimuli and a plethora of organic demands, and thus enter into what Christians - and Catholics in particular - would equate with afterlife experience ... at least until it had self-consumed or self-combusted to a degree whereby it could only fade and, ultimately, succumb to quiescence for want of nervous stimulation - the second death, as it were, that follows upon the initial one of organic failure and is tied up, barring cremation, with ongoing decomposition of the corpse.

Finally, I should like to maintain that the distinction between ego-mind and soul-mind is largely axially and therefore ethnically conditioned, and that if some people or peoples are less prone to the former than to the latter, it is because they have not been ethnically conditioned in the same way as those for whom education is a human right and virtual ne plus ultra of respectability, and this despite the discouragement placed upon it through such metaphors as the 'forbidden tree of knowledge' and religious teachings conducive to the life - the higher life in its superconsciousness - of the Soul.

As someone born an Irish Catholic, I, too, go along with those teachings, but, living my whole life long in a Protestant country (England) with Protestant criteria never very far away, I have tended to bovaryize ego - and thus knowledge - towards Truth in relation to what I call superego, which is indubitably pro-superconscious in its 'understanding' of metaphysics and of what metaphysics should - and one day could - be all about if granted the opportunity of, if you will pardon the metaphor, 'coming out' in a stepped-up form commensurate with Social Theocracy and a whole new approach to Eternal Life than that to which the Christian - and in particular Roman Catholic - tradition has been partial, an approach founded on synthetically artificial criteria that would allow the term 'eternity' a longevity way beyond anything subject, in death, to human limitations, and precisely because those limitations would cease to apply as man was systematically 'overcome', as described by me in a variety of previous entries and, indeed, major texts, following 'judgement' and the possibility, thereafter, of 'Kingdom Come', two traditional terms which, for me, imply the utilization of the democratic process to a religiously sovereign end and the implementation of that end, under Social Theocracy, when once a majority mandate for religious sovereignty is forthcoming, without which there can be no such 'kingdom' and no advancement, via the 'resurrection' of the church-hegemonic axis, not to mention, in countries like the Republic of Ireland, the republican 'dead' (to the possibility of Life Eternal), towards the eternal life of the Soul, a life that centres not on organic matter, still less on inorganic matter, but on the psychic freedom of the central nervous system (brain stem and spinal chord) from all that is naturally or organically somatic, and precisely because of the synthetically artificial criteria that will take over from where nature left off the business of advancing life to unprecedented levels of both artificially psychic freedom and artifically somatic binding, the latter of course determined by the experiences of the former.

For in this male-dominated world of a metaphysical hegemony over pseudo-metachemistry (which is contrary to how Sartre, for instance, viewed life from a left-wing and therefore female-dominated perspective), experience or essence of course precedes - and conditions the nature of - existence in the form of what I have tended, in the past, to call a substance-motivated drive towards communal cyborgization of the religiously sovereign, whether metaphysically hegemonic or pseudo-metachemically-subordinate, lamb or (neutralized) lion and/or wolf, saint or (neutralized) dragon, as you prefer.

For the nurture-oriented male reality of psyche preceding and preponderating over soma in a mind-body symbiosis is the only retort to the nature-fuelled female reality of soma preceding and predominating over psyche in the body-mind symbiosis which is still, alas, the prevailing wisdom of contemporary female-dominated state-hegemonic society, as in the WASP-dominated West, where of course not soul-mind but ego-mind, in its contemporary pro-technological guise, is the only mind that the twin female tyrannies of will and spirit will allow.

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