Thursday, 10 March 2011


They speak of the coming ‘resurrection of the dead’ within ‘Kingdom Come’, but who are ‘the dead’? Precisely and only, I maintain, the pseudo-physical pseudo-males under chemical females at the southwest point of the intercardinal axial compass at the foot of what used to be – and to some extent still is in countries like Eire (Republic of Ireland) – the church-hegemonic/state-subordinate axis, where they exist, as it were, as pseudo-mass (massive) under volume (volumetric).

But why are they ‘dead’? Because, the straightforward answer must be, they are 2 1/2:1 1/2 bound psyche (sin) to free soma (folly) under female hegemonic pressure (in chemistry) of 2 1/2:1 1/2 free soma (pseudo-evil) to bound psyche (pseudo-crime). The authentic evil and crime would, of course, be a 3:1 free soma/bound psyche metachemical dichotomy at the northwest point of the intercardinal axial compass ruling the state-hegemonic/church-subordinate axis, but this variety is less noumenal than phenomenal, less ethereal on elemental objective terms than corporeal on molecular objective terms.

So, conditioned to bound psyche and free soma in the aforementioned ratio (phenomenal) by hegemonic females, these pseudo-physical pseudo-males are effectively ‘the dead’ to the extent that they are more bound psyche (2 1/2) than free soma (1 1/2), and are only such, in any case (quite apart from the phenomenal relativity of such a ratio as opposed to the 3:1 absolutism of its noumenal counterpart), because of the chemical females who represent a maternal resolution of the female predicament in effectively Marian vein, with the acquirement of a surrogate plenum (the child) to relieve them from the strain – and shame – of a non-maternal vacuum, as germane to their root metachemical condition.

Only the pseudo-physical can be saved from 2 1/2:1 1/2 bound psyche/free soma or, more correctly, pseudo-bound psyche/pseudo-free soma in sin and folly to 3:1 free psyche/bound soma in grace and wisdom, from meekness (vis-a-vis chemical pseudo-vanity) to righteousness (vis-a-vis pseudo-metachemical pseudo-justice), as from pseudo-phenomenal pseudo-primacy/pseudo-supremacy in pseudo-physics to noumenal supremacy/primacy in metaphysics. That, in a nutshell, is the ‘resurrectoin of the dead’, and for it to transpire, following a majority mandate for religious sovereignty from the paradoxical utilization of the democratic process by Social Theocracy in countries with the right (church-hegemonic) kind of axial preconditions, the chemical females would have to be counter-damned, on secondary church-hegemonic/state-subordinate terms, from 1 1/2:2 1/2 bound psyche/free soma in pseudo-crime and pseudo-evil to 1:3 pseudo-free psyche/pseudo-bound soma in pseudo-punishment and pseudo-goodness, from pseudo-vanity (vis-a-vis pseudo-physical meekness) to pseudo-justice (vis-a-vis metaphysical righteousness), as from phenomenal primacy/supremacy in chemistry to pseudo-noumenal pseudo-supremacy/pseudo-primacy in pseudo-metachemistry, becoming, thereby, the proverbial ‘lion’ and/or ‘wolf’ that, in a predominating pseudo-bound soma, ‘lies down’ with ‘the lamb’, and only because, as pseudo-females, they had been neutralized with a kind of substance entitlement at variance with that to which the metaphysical would be entitled as free, hegemonic males, males akin, to cite another metaphor, to the saint who has his metaphorical foot firmly upon a pseudo-metachemical pseudo-dragon, a neutralized dragon that can never again, like a free female, wield an XX-chromosomal cosh at the male’s expense, and eventually, via pseudo-metaphysics under metachemistry, comdemn him to ‘the world’, meaning, in the case of that which might have been superficially metaphysical (as a more intelligent Catholic male), as a pseudo-physical subordinate corollary of a chemical hegemony, the fruit of maternal resolution.

But if this substance entitlement is to work, either way for either gender, ‘man’ will have to be ‘overcome’, to use a Nietzschean kind of expression, and the cyborgization of both the metaphysical (subjectively) and the pseudo-metachemical (pseudo-objectively), that is, in centripetal and pseudo-centrifugal vein, will accordingly have to ensue, and on increasingly communal terms as the need to serve a large number of religiously sovereign citizens would surely dictate. Therein lies the challenge, it seems to me, of ‘Kingdom Come’, a society in which the pseudo-physical have been saved from their relatively preponderating bound-psychic sinful death to an absolutely preponderating free-psychic graceful Life, the Eternal Life of the metaphysical Elect of Soul, while their chemical counterparts – who would be the equivocally hegemonic ‘first’ destined to become unequivocally subordinate ‘last’ - would have to have been counter-damned from their relatively predominating free-somatic pseudo-evil pseudo-life to an absolutely predominating bound-somatic pseudo-good pseudo-Death, the pseudo-Infinite Death that, in representative ratio terms, would be the ‘neutralized’ corollary of the free-psychic Eternal Life of the metaphysical.

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