Tuesday, 15 March 2011


I envisage the Space Centre of the Social Theocratic or, rather, Transcendental future as a large mainly two-part structure, the upper and smaller part of which would be designed on an absolute curvilinear basis (circular) and the lower and larger part on an absolute rectilinear basis (square), the former intended for the metaphysically Saved and the latter for the pseudo-metachemically counter-Damned, both of which would be served by the 'administrative aside' (of the Social Theocratic Party and/or Movement leadership and/or members) in such fashion that numerous curvilinear or rectilinear passageways would lead from each of the main aspects of the Centre-proper (church-equivalent) to the surrounding circular or square structures (state-equivalent), depending on the tier being served, and of course from those structures, somewhat akin to halos or rings (in the sense of what surrounds planets like Saturn), back into the Centre-proper, so that the serving leadership could easily go to-and-fro to their respective tier charges, whether metaphysically elect or pseudo-metachemically gender subordinate in order to ensure their religiously-sovereign entitlements were being met and even advanced where some advancement was still possible or desirable.

The surrounding structures to the Centre-proper would be large enough to house the living quarters and relaxational or entertainment areas of the servants of the religiously sovereign, as well as being able to support store rooms and landing bays for shuttle services to and from the Earth.

There could also be smaller curvilinear and rectilinear structures above and below the main components of the Centre-proper that would have a police and/or military aspect in the protection of the Centre, both main and peripheral, church- and state-equivalents, from alien or reactionary aggression, and perhaps even a small superstructure for the overall leader of the Social Theocratic Centre, who would have to co-ordinate policy and procedures. All such centralized structures, whatever their function, would be joined by vertical columns that included lifts or other means of ascending or descending from one tier and/or structure to another.

Whatever the eventual outcome, this kind of structure which I have termed a Space Centre would be large enough to house all the individual tier structures (top, middle, and bottom of the so-called triadic Beyond), including their respective type of gender differentiation or segregation, of the Earth Centres, as we may call those centres that are developed on the Earth prior to any more advanced Centre set in space, and to house them in such fashion that it signified, for them, a convergence to the Omega Point (de Chardin) of the One, Ultimate Centre, a veritable 'Celestial City' of definitive salvation and counter-damnation of the metaphysical and pseudo-metachemical for all Eternity and pseudo-Infinity, Heaven and pseudo-Devil, free soul and bound will without gender-differentiated end.

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