Tuesday, 15 March 2011


I have spoken often enough in the past of the triadic Beyond as not only the stepped-up (resurrected) church-hegemonic axis that would gradually transpire in the event of a majority mandate for religious sovereignty (conceived as the ultimate sovereignty, germane to 'Kingdom Come') in countries with the right kind of axial preconditions traditionally, but as the result, thereafter, of the collapsed state-hegemonic axis and of the need to accommodate ex-Protestants, including Puritans and Anglicans, to middle and bottom tiers of the said Beyond, as though under the ex-Catholics who had initially been saved (pseudo-physical to metaphysics) and counter-damned (chemical to pseudo-metachemistry) to what would effectively be the top tier.

Such a triadic Beyond would therefore become pluralist after people primarily affiliated to the state-hegemonic axis had been accommodated to it in the wake of their ex-Catholic counterparts, and such pluralism, deferential from the bottom up to what leads it at the top, namely metaphysics and pseudo-metachemistry, would probably remain the triadic norm, with due gender differentiation on each tier, for several decades if not centuries to come, bearing in mind the need for structural stability in the interests of consistency and continuity, even if those on the middle and bottom tiers were necessarily less metaphysical and pseudo-metachemical than their properly saved and counter-damned counterparts 'upstairs', so to speak, on the top tier, and to a degree whereby some physical/pseudo-chemical and even chemical/pseudo-physical elements persisted, in attenuated to transmuted vein, within the overall framework.

But if, over the course of time or, rather, eternity, a progression towards some kind of metaphysical/pseudo-metachemical totalitarianism were to emerge from out of the initial pluralism, in keeping with the general need to step things up and effect a more centro-complexified (de Chardin) resolution to proceedings properly commensurate with the gradual unfolding of evolutionary/counter-devolutionary criteria, then it seems to me that the best, most sensible way of effecting such a totalitarian outcome would be from 'on high', that is, not within the earth-bound - and maybe missile-silo-like - triadic structures of the Social Theocratic Centre itself, however many such 'centres' there would be across the planet (for Social Theocracy has global aspirations in its ideological universality), but from having designed the Space Centre of the potential culmination point of all such evolution/counter-devolution on a more totalitarian basis, so that it would be structured along lines primarily if not exclusively designed to facilitate a metaphysical/pseudo-metachemical culmination-point, together with a built-in administrative aside, or serving capacity, intended to accommodate the servants of the religiously sovereign and to ensure that the latter are properly addressed in their various, gender-conditoned entitlements.

Thus with a more advanced design of the Centre 'on high', it should be possible to transplant by special shuttles each of the gender-segregated tiers of the triadic Beyond up to the one centralized metaphysical/pseudo-metachemical tier structure of the Space Centre, conceiving of the latter as equivalent to Bunyan's 'Celestial City' or to de Chardin's 'Omega Point', the resolution, in short, of all evolutionary/counter-devolutionary progress/counter-regress in 'Kingdom Come', that is, within the overall umbrella of the Social Theocratic Centre.

Hence that which finally made it into space in relation to the ultimate Centre - beyond even Space Mortuaries for those who continuied to die 'in naturalis' for want of a sufficiently advanced cyborgization - would not only be more totalitarian than any previous centre structure; it would be appropriate to the noumenal heights of an antithesis, on synthetically artificial terms, to stellar/solar bodies in cosmic space, and to a parallel antithesis, as it were, to planets like Saturn and Venus, which can be equated, vis-a-vis anything metachemical/pseudo-metaphysical, with a rudimentary metaphysical/pseudo-metachemical status, the kind of status that our projected Space Centre (very different to contemporary scientifically-oriented space stations) would signify to an ultimate, unsurpassable degree.

Only then would totalitarianism, ever respectful of the fundamental gender divisions, be fully justifiable and, more to the point, completely desirable from the standpoint of the hegemonic gender, equivalent to the 'lamb' whose peace of mind is guaranteed by the 'wolf' and/or 'lion' that, properly neutralized, is obliged to 'lie down' with him for all eternity, thereby perpetuating the noumenal parameters of time (eternity) and pseudo-space (pseudo-infinity), repetitive time as the mode of time per se and spaced space as a subordinate mode of space commensurate with the influence of repetitive time upon itself, making for that parallel with pseudo-metachemistry under metaphysics or, to return to an earlier analogy, the neutralized dragon (pseudo-dragon) under the saintly heel of he who, in his divine blessedness, appertains to noumenal subjectivity over noumenal pseudo-objectivity at the northeast point of the intercardinal axial compass at what would be the transcendent apex of the church-hegemonic axis.

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